Principal Sign

Letter from the Principal

Dear Friend of Education,


I am happy that you are curious about Smith Farm Elementary and are purusing our school's website. Whether you are a student, parent, family member, fellow educator, or community member, my sincere hope is that our website is useful and interesting to you. The purpose of our website is to showcase the many wonderful features and qualities of Smith Farm Elementary. After looking at the website, I hope you leave with a positive impression of our school.


Smith Farm Elementary is truly an amazing place where talented and committed staff members work hard to make each day meaningful and productive. Our top priority is to consider the whole child in our decision-making. We look closely at what each child needs academically, physically, and socially and design a program to best meet those needs. Our students are our future, and we work together with parents and other care-givers to develop well-rounded young men and women who will benefit our community, our society and ultimately, our world.


If you have not visited our beautiful school, please know that you are always welcomed. We seek to build connections and collaborative relationships with other people who want to serve children. Seeing is believing- and I know that once you visit our school, the children and adults who work here will impress you with their clear focus on education.



Wishing you all the best,


Donald Hampton, Principal