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Welcome to Lively Literacy with Mrs. Chambers  books

I help Middle Fork mariners sail into success by building a strong literacy foundation daily. 

My name is Pamela Chambers and I am certified in Elementary Education with a specialization in Reading for K-12th grade. I reinforce foundational reading and writing skills, helping my students work rigorously to gain success with boosted confidence.

My language arts lessons incorporate reading comprehension, fluency practice, phonemic awareness/phonics, self-selected reading, spelling & writing skills, high frequency word recognition and much more.
I utilize graphic organizers, puppets, songs, and games to create a positive, motivating environment for my Middle Fork learners.
I believe a wise teacher makes learning a joy, while setting high expectations for each unique student. 

"Reading is the heart of education. It is the single most important social factor in American life today." 
- Jim Trelease
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