Dear Students,
I am so pleased with  how much you have grown in 2nd grade. It was a very productive year. If you did not send in stamps for your report card, please be sure to pick them up in the office. Remember, there will be a beginning of year test as you enter 3rd grade. The best way to be successful on this test is to read, read, read over the summer and work on those math facts. Those of you who have computers with internet access should continue to work on REFLEX math regularly. When you reach 100% fluency on addition and subtraction I will move you to multiplication and division. Your 3rd grade teachers will be so AMAZED at what you have learned. You should also continue Study Ladder activities. I will be checking it and adding new tasks. If you have a chance, stop by and visit our sunflower garden. They have grown SO tall. I hope you all have a wonderful summer break, and be sure to stop in and visit with school starts up again in August. Love you all, Ms. Fulk