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Welcome to Mrs. Moore's Class!
Welcome to Mrs. Moore's Enrichment Class.  We are busy, busy, busy these days!
We have some exciting things happening in Enrichment this quarter!!
Kindergarten is learning about the senses so they can be better at observing the world around them.  They will also be learning about what makes something a living or non-living thing.
First grade will be focusing on pushes and pulls and how they affect motion.  We will also explore with magnets and predict the effects of forces.
Second grade will be studying life cycles and the different classifications of vertebrate animals.
Third grade will learn about plants.
Fourth grader will focus on animal adaptations.
Fifth graders are ecosystems.
When school isn't in session, take some time to explore the science world around you. 
If you can, visit Sciworks, The Greensboro Science Center  Carolina Sciquarium, the Asheboro Zoo, and Discovery Place.  You'll get to experience many exciting things all related to Science.
1. Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to yourself.
2.  Use Friendly Words and Actions
3.  Come prepared for school and complete all assignments.
4.  Allow the teacher to teach and others to learn.
Mrs. Sabrina Moore has taught for the Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools since she graduated from Appalachian State University in 2001.      
She completed her student teaching at Mineral Springs.  Her first four years of teaching were at Ibraham Elementary, where she taught fourth grade and fifth grade.       When she moved to Mineral Springs in 2005, she taught fifth grade.  Then, in 2007, she moved to third grade and worked in that position until the 2013-2014 school year when she assumed the role as Enrichment Cluster Specialist.  Mrs. Moore was selected as the Mineral Springs Elementary 2010 Teacher of the Year.      
Mrs. Moore is married to Daniel Moore and has a step-son, Tyler. She also has two daughters, Daphne and Caroline. In addition to her children, she has a boxer named Samson.  When she isn't at school, she spends time playing with her children, sewing, and doing church activities. 
Mrs. Sabrina Moore
Enrichment Cluster Specialist
Contact info:      E-mail:      School phone: 336-703-6788