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 School Improvement Team

A group of staff members meet every 2 weeks to discuss issues that arise in our school.  This committee decides how to correct any problems with our school or our school policies.

Notes from these meetings will be posted below.  Also, there is a link to go to a copy of our School Improvement Plan.  Click on the link below.

March SIT Minutes

March 9, 2012


Started meeting at 7:35


I.                     Recess Concerns

·        grade levels are concerned that other grade levels are not leaving recess at their appropriate time on the K-2 playground

·        they feel this is a safety issue

·        the team decided to have each grade level go back and discuss with their teams the appropriate times to try and follow the schedule

·        there should not be 2 grade levels on the playground at a time


II.                   Reading Groups

·        3-5 will start guided math groups during guided reading April 9th

·        a handout was given to the team regarding new expectations

·        Mrs. Snow recorded suggestions and will revise the handout

·        feedback is needed from each teacher:

·        next week each 3-5 teacher will receive a class roster to identify math bubble students, Pardick’s reading group, on-level  and below level readers.


III.                  Lunch

·        silent lunch students are not to be watched by cafeteria monitors

·        if a student has silent lunch given by a teacher that teacher must stay and eat lunch with those students

·        teachers are not returning on time

·        Duty-Free lunch will be stopped for that teacher if he/she continues to return late

IV.               Family Math Night

·        students will complete math activities to earn time

·        PTA will have inflatable’s for students who earn time 

·        tickets and bracelets were discussed to use to show time earned, but nothing has been finalized yet

·        teachers will be asked to volunteer for the PTA Cake Walk and will be expected to be at the Math Night events

·        will be held April 13th

·        Math Night activities will be 5:30-6:30

·        PTA Spring Fling will be 5:30-8:00

Last Modified on March 13, 2012