What's AR? 
AR stands for Accelerated Reader. AR is a  computerized program where students....
read a book and then take a computerized quiz and get immediate feedback.
AR quizzes can only be taken at school.

Why Use AR?
Because it....
Improves performance in all academic areas, motivates students,  increases time spent reading, encourages reading of quality literature, helps boost test scores,  builds critical-thinking skills and instills a lifelong love of reading
Students earn points when they do well on the quizzes.
Old Town has the following point clubs:

5 points-pencil and certificate

10-Debbie snacks

15-Popsicle party

20-Treasure box item

25-Lunch with staff person of choice at school

30-Computer privilege

40-Ice cream/board game party

50-wii party (guitar hero)


70-Extra recess

80-Luncheon at school

90-Eagle bucks store visit with 90 credits

100-Lunch off campus

150-Trophy on Awards Day

200-Trip to the book store
Last Modified on June 14, 2010