We will be working very hard at Old Town Elementary to address bullying behaviors.  October is designated as a anti-bullying awareness month.  Boxes for bullying concerns will be placed in the guidance office, main office, and media center for our students to leave any anonymous or signed notes about bullying.  We will have a poster contest to address antil-bullying.

 Each class will sign a class pledge this school year about no bullying.  The pledge is made up of the following promises:
1.  We won't bully others.
2.  We will help students who are being bullied.
3.  We will include students who are left out.
4.  We will report any bullying we know about or see.

Website Resources for Parents:
Stop the Bullying Now, Lend a Hand!
www.//ncpc.org/10adu3.htm.   Bullies:  A Serious Probelm for Kids
www.Ifcc.on.ca.bully.htm.  Bullying:  Information for Parents and Teachers.
Last Modified on August 22, 2011