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EBOB & JEBOB (information below)
Upcoming practices for EBOB:
Thursday, November 19@ 3:15-4:15pm; Must be EXPERT in 1 or more book(s)
Thursday, December 4 (lunch practice only!)
Thursday, December 10 @3:15-4:15pm; (Must be expert in 2 books-no exceptions)
Thursday, December 17 (lunch practice only!)
Thursday, January 7 (lunch practice),
Thursday, January 14 (after school practice); Must be expert in 3 books  
Thursday, January 21 (lunch practice) 
Wednesday, January 27 (lunch practice)
Thursday, January 28 (after school practice) Expert in all 5 books
Thursday, Feb. 4 (after school practice)
 *No after school practice due to Vienna 5K Feb 13*
Thursday, Feb. 18 (after school practice)
Thursday, Feb. 25 (after school practice-Mrs. Boone's room-Book fair in MC)
(Mock comp) 
Thursday, March 3 (after school practice-Mrs. Boone's room) (Mock comp) 
Thursday, March 10 SCHOOL COMPETITION @ 12:30 in GYM
All parents/families welcome to attend the competition!  All EBOB students to compete! 
Wednesday, March 16 Education Bldg. WSFCS (Preliminary Round) 12 All-stars from Vienna Team selected to go
Accessing ebooks & audio EBOB materials on Destiny: eBOOKS & Audiobooks 
What is EBOB?
Elementary Battle of the Books, that's what!!!
Are you a book lover and an avid reader in 4th or 5th grade?  Are you the type of student that can't put down books during your 'free time?'  You may want to consider participating in EBOB!!  Battle of the Books (BOB) is a book competition initiated by the North Carolina School Library Association.  Traditionally, BOB is a middle school competition, but a few years back, elementary schools wanting 'in' on the action, birthed EBOB or Elementary  Battle of the Books.  EBOB is not as scheduled or rigorous as it is at the middle school level.  The book list, above, is put together by the state committee.  The books are selected on curriculum criteria, varied reading level, and dual similarity.  Students decide if they're interested and commit to reading 5 of the books on the list, becoming 'experts' in their selections.  Students practice during and after school leading up to a school-wide competion, then a district competition!!  Please visit the North Carolina School Library Media Association for more information and this year's booklist:
Presentation from October 15, 2015: EBOB PDF  
JEBOB is Junior Elementary Battle of the Books opened to 2nd and 3rd graders.  This is run by 2nd and 3rd grade teachers and will not start until 2nd semester. 
Vienna All Stars    
2012-13 All Stars
A big congratulations goes out to Vienna for winning the WSFCS District Championship for EBOB 2012-13!