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Dr. Emory's Executive Cabinet includes the superintendent's most senior advisers. They meet weekly and are responsible for all areas of the student experience, including curriculum and support services. An organizational chart of district leadership may be found here.
Kenneth Simington, Deputy Superintendent 
Darrell Walker, Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Dionne Jenkins, General Counsel
Alexandra Hoskins, Chief of Staff 
Donna Cannon, Instructional Superintendent
Trish Gainey, Instructional Superintendent
Lionel Kato, Instructional Superintendent
Carol Montague-Davis, Instructional Superintendent
Amy Nail, Instructional Superintendent
Karen Roseboro, Instructional Superintendent 
Nora Baker, Interim Instructional Superintendent
Matt Dixson, Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources 
Kevin Sherrill, Chief Operating Officer, Technology
Andrew Kraft, Chief Program Officer, Accountability
Brent Campbell, Chief Program Officer, Marketing and Communications
Marty Ward, Chief Program Officer, Research