¡DIME! Dual Immersion: Inglés Más Español
Spanish Immersion Language Program at Ashley IB Magnet
At Ashley IB Magnet Elementary School, our school-wide magnet program is the International Baccalaureate - Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP).  Additionally, we also offer a second educational choice for families, a well-established Spanish dual immersion language program. 

Beginning in Kindergarten, families can choose to enroll their child in a Spanish Immersion class.  Students who elect this option will not only experience engaging learning through inquiry-based IB methods, but are also immersed in the Spanish language.  Our Spanish Immersion program continues through 5th grade with the goal of being able to fluently speak, read, and write in both Spanish and English.
It is BEST for students to begin the ¡DIME! program in Kindergarten in order to be successful. It is possible to start in 1st grade, but it is NOT recommended students enter the ¡DIME! program after 1st grade unless they have had prior experience in an immersion program elsewhere.  By 2nd grade and in higher grades, students new to the Spanish language would not have the prior knowledge and Spanish vocabulary needed in order to be successful. 

Any student living in Forsyth County, no matter what your home school/home zone might be, can apply to attend Ashley IB during WSFCS's Magnet application period, which is January 1-24, 2014.  To apply to be a part of Ashley IB's well-established Spanish immersion program, please click here to fill out the application.  To schedule a tour of Ashley IB Magnet Elementary, please call the office at 336-703-4203.  Come get to know us by visiting!

The Magnet application period has now ended.  However, we will still accept paper applications.  You can print the application from this link and submit it to the magnet office.  These applicants will be put on our waiting list and contacted if space becomes available.

Ashley IB has had a Spanish Immersion program since 2006 and beginning this year there are 2 other schools in WSFCS that offer a Spanish dual immersion language program, but you must live in their school zone to attend.  For more information you can visit or click here 
http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us/globalprograms . You may also visit our page of downloadable brochures and documents for more information about Ashley IB's ¡DIME! program by clicking here.
DIME! Dual Immersion: Inglés Más Español
At Ashley IB we offer this cutting-edge program because so many parents are recognizing the need to raise bilingual children. Our program is called ¡DIME!: Dual Immersion: Inglés más Español.  In this program, both Spanish and English-speaking children learn together, and part of the North Carolina curriculum is taught in English, while another part is taught in Spanish.  In this way, all children learn grade level material in their native language and in their second language.  Therefore, all participating children grow to be bilingual.

¡DIME! Dual Inmersión: Inglés Más Español

Ofrecemos este programa especial porque tantos padres han reconocido la importancia de ser bilingue.   Nuestro programa se llama ¡DIME!: Dual Inmersión: Inglés más Español.  En este programa, niños que hablan español como su lengua materna aprenden con niños que hablan inglés como su lengua materna.  Una parte del currículo de Carolina del Norte se enseña en inglés y la otra parte en español.  Así todos los niños aprenden la información de su grado, pero también aprenden a ser bilingües.