Note for students, parents, teachers and staff:
I can't tell you how many times we see students somewhere we don't want them to be on the internet and we hear students say "It was on the school website!"  To them, it may have been when in actuality they have clicked an external link or ad that took them somewhere else. 
Websites often have links on them to other places on the internet that we do not intend for children to explore. Just because we list a link here does not mean that students cannot access other places on the internet through these links. It all depends on what a child make click on and where that link or advertisement may lead. Ultimately we all have a responsibility to be responsible digital citizens. Please monitor what your child is doing and where they are going on the world wide web. Teachers have say over their classrooms which includes where students go on the internet. Teachers as well as students are also bound by a responsible and acceptable use policy written by our district. Those not complying with the acceptable use policy may be reported to administration and may lose their computer privileges. Remember It takes a village.  


Reading & Language Arts


AAA Math

Read Between The Lions

Science Snacks

Fraction Frenzy

Grammar Gorillas

Global Climate Change

Math Mayhem

Synonyms/ Antonyms

San Francisco Zoo

Math Cats

Ball Hogs - (Syn/Antonym )

San Diego Zoo

Word Problems


Oregon Zoo

Create A Graph

The Plural Game

Tennessee Aquarium

Arithmetic Workout

Sink or Swim   

Cool Science

Johnnie’s Fractions

Dr. Seuss  

The Habitat Game

Number Movies  

Word Lists

  How Stuff Works

Number Songs  

Nasa Explorers

  Eureka Science

Virtual Manipulatives  

Into the Book

 Nasa For Kids

Visual Fractions  

  Nasa Why? Files  

Multiplication Tables

      Virtual Petting Zoo




Number Basics



  Social Studies

 North Carolina  



White House For Kids


Lighthouses of NC

Houghton Mifflin Ed Place

Geography Quiz 

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Harcourt School

  The 50 States

NC Encyclopedia

State Capitals

State of NC Kids Page

Education 4 Kids

Connect USA

NC State Symbols

Study Island

Library of Congress

NC Almanac

Fun School

  World Fact Book

  NC Resources

Enchanted Learning

Maps & Puzzles

  NC Virtual Visits

Other Resources  


 Search Engines

National Geographic

NC Wise Owl

Animal Planet

Online Encyclopedia


Hougton Mifflin Math Book


NC Public Schools for Students


Last Modified on July 18, 2013