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Spartan Legacy Campaign has raised $48,000! Only $2,000 away from our goal!

Happy Holidays to you and your family from the Spartan Legacy Committee!  

Students and teachers at MTHS are already seeing Spartan Legacy dollars at work.  Funds contributed by generous Spartan parents to the Spartan Legacy Campaign have been used to purchase items from our teacher classroom technology wish list, including two tv monitors with wall mounts, an iPad Mini and a laser jet printer.  Remaining funds will supplement the classroom technology updates which will be provided by WSFCS as part of the recently approved school bond package.  

To date, just over $46,000 has been contributed by Spartan parents and alumni parents.  We are just $4,000 away from our campaign goal of $50,000! We want to thank our 154 donor families who are listed below.  We appreciate that each of you understand that supporting your child’s school financially benefits your own children along with their classmates, their teachers, and our community as a whole.   

If you would like to add your name to this list and help us reach our $50,000 goal, please click on the link below and donate today!   If you have already made a gift this year, please consider making an additional gift today or scheduling monthly gifts to Spartan Legacy in 2017 via PayPal through the link below.  As a reminder, the IRS requires that donations must be received by December 31, 2016, in order to be eligible for deduction in 2016.  Also, all seniors must be members of the PTSA before December 31, 2016, to be eligible for PTSA scholarships.  A minimum gift to Spartan Legacy of $25 provides free PTSA membership for your Spartan students.

Laurie and John Albertini
Liz and David Albertson
Andy and Mary  Allen
Dina and Chris Almerini
Steve and Angela Anthis
Colleen and Kyle Armentrout
Clio Austin
Evans Ballard
Jennifer and Jeff Ballsieper
Virginia & Brian Bannigan
Jennifer and David Barksdale
Brooke Barnard
Dudley and Julie Bell
Steve and Kim Berlin
Richard and Anna Bevis
Kevin and Joyce Birmingham
Mark and Debbie Booz
Bret and Ann Borchelt
Andrew and Adrienne Boyd
Jennifer Brown
Joel and Shannon Bruggen
Michael and Anna Budzinski
Myra Bumgardner
Will and Debbie Burns
Kim and Michael Cartwright
Kam Chan
Chris and Paual Christakos
Perry and Kelli Clark
Chris and Joanne Coggins
Gail Cohen
Emily and Tim  Collins
Amy and Jeff Craver
Tim and Mimi Davis
Rich and Kathy Dissosway
Philip and Sara Egnatz
Tim and Janet Fangmann
Kirk and Nancy Figan
Lyzbeth Roman and Alejandro Flores
Vonda and James Flynt
Erika Friedel
Janice and John Galbreath
Steve and Tracey Gardner
Larry and Beth Gemmell
Beth Glover
Mike Grice
Paul and Beth Harkins
Michele Harrington
Peter and Jackie Hatch
Shannon and Don Heck
Scott and Amy Herman
Joe and Dee Hettinger
Alyssa and Mike Hubbard
Edy and Ed Hurdle
Mary Beth and Doug Hynek
Stephanie  Ingram
Susan and Tony Johnson
Padmalochan and Padma Kamatkar
Jeff and Jean Kelly
Matt and Kathleen Kirk
Kathy and Dan  Kirse
Tom and Sandra  Kochy
Wendy and Lai Kok
Bob and Betsy Kraft
Tony and Margo Kummer
Frank and Melissa Leak
Christy Lennon
Darcie and Eric Winicov
Andrew and Elizabeth Lopina
Joe and Colleen Lopina
Chad and Molly Lorentz
Joe and Carol Lydon
Chris and Lillian Madden
Robert Maltzahn
David and Stephanie Maynard
Paul and Loy McGill
Sandra McMullen
Beth and Steven Meadows
Jim and Becky Medlin
Peggy and Rich Messenkopf
Jeanne and Glenn Miller
John and Lisa Millican
Don and Lindy Milligan
Girish and Shubha  Mishra
Jason and Terri Mitchell
Julie Moore
Richard and Jandell Morrison
Sherry Moss
Leigh Munley
Rebecca  Munley
Mitch and Stacey Neuhauser
Kenneth and Amanda Nicholls
Bryan and Alice Oakley
Betsy and John Pace
Stephanie    Palmer
Richard and Peggy Patella
Paul and Theresa Pauca
Susan and Craig Peatross
John and Elaine Peddycord
John and Heather Pence
Christina and Dave Peterman
John and Tori Petty
Greg and Lisa Pierce
Sarah and Whit Pitcher
Erin and Marion Plumb
Christine and Greg Pomper
Joe and Jane Potter
Stephen and Melinda Potts
Wendy and Eric Prior
Kent and Colleen Quam
Hope and Ron Reagan
Leigh Anne and David Regnery
Kim and Marc Reichert
John and Kathryn Reynolds
Emily Richey
Billy and Heather Rivers
Dia and Hugh Roberts
Kimberly and David Robertson
Catherine and Harrison Rutter
Julie Scheipers
Judy and Victor Sears
Tim and Dawn Sechrest
Renee Semones-Briley
Stephanie and Clay Setzer
Neil and Maria Shaw
Stacee Sheets
Anne Slowey
Chery and Stuart Smith
Vivian Smith
Julia and David Smull
Tim and Kim Snyder
Mark and Karen Sohmer
Virendra and Sujata Sonik
Lori and Brian Soper
John and Mary Spangler
Karen Starets
Chad Jane Stephens
Whitney and Wes Stephenson
Britt Sterling
Robert and Mary Anne Stowe
Ed and Tina Swords
Warren and Amy Takacs
Jennifer and Eric Taylor
Christine and Jim Toole
Patrick and Alison Turner
Steve and Ginna Vest
Deborah and Lawrence Wagner
Missy and Brett Warren
Ed and Cathy Weiss
Ginny Whan
Blair and Katie Whitworth
Fred and Julie Williams
Tashara Williams
Kevin and Aimee Williams
Lisa and Jeff Wilt 
Keith and Diane Winter
Susan  Wood
Kristin and Robert Wooten
Melissa and Robin Yates

Thank you and enjoy the Winter Break!!

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