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The ATS Athlete Portal Link is now ready for parents to update student athlete information

New Athletes

Go to and click on the ATS Athlete Portal Link.  Enter new for the user name and new for the password. Enter atswsfcs for the database. Once the portal opens, select Mt Tabor for the organization and Coed for the sport. Fill out all of the yellow sections on the first page as well as your address.  For your user name enter your last name and the first two letters of your first name (example: doejo for John Doe). Make your password tabor.  Enter any medical alerts, allergies, or current medications on the bottom of the page. Next go to the insurance tab. Fill out the yellow sections as well as the policy and group numbers. Finally, open the contact page and enter any and all people you would like contacted in an emergency situation. Make sure the yellow sections are filled in. Once completed, you will be able to download the physical packet and enter any other medical history information. If you have the ability you can upload your completed physical packet and copies of your insurance card.


Returning Athletes (once you have already completed a user profile)

Go to and click on the ATS Athlete Portal Link. Enter your last name and first 2 letters of your first name for the username (example: doejo for John Doe). Enter tabor for the password. Enter atswsfcs for the database. Go through all of the tabs and make sure all information is filled in and correct. You can add or update any emergency contact information. You can also update your insurance information. If your insurance changes at the beginning of the calendar year, please log back in then and update it.

All Athletes

If you are injured during an away contest you can log in and request to see the athletic trainer the next day.